Ovines and Caprines

Amantina Premium

A premium product for the supplementation of your animals.
  • • 100, 250 and 500 ml.
Fórmula Cualicuantitativa

Every 100 ml of Amantina Premium contains:

  • • Copper (as Edetate) 1,5 g
  • • Zinc (as Edetate) 5 g
  • • Excipients q.s.f. 100 ml

It prevents and corrects the states of copper and zinc deficiency in bovines, which may be manifested with the following symptoms, among others: hair depigmentation, anemia, diarrhea, weight loss, slow development, infertility and hoof alterations.

  • Bulls: 6 ml
  • Cows: 5 ml
  • Steers and heifers over 200 kg weight: 4 ml
  • Calves under 200 kg weight: 3 ml
  • Calves under 150 kg weight: 2 ml
  • Calves under 100 kg weight: 1 ml

Since the toxic dose of copper doubles the therapeutic dose, and in order to avoid accidents, in case of applying the product in batches of uneven animals, the dose must be adjusted to the size of the smaller animals.

Duration of Treatment

The treatment consists of only one dose, which could be repeated, at the discretion of the veterinary.

Method of Administration

This product is administered subcutaneously only.

  • It improves the finishing of the animals: + kilos + robustness.
  • It improves immunity and acts as an antioxidant.
  • It meets the daily requirements of zinc and copper for a longer period of time.