We are a veterinary medicinal specialties laboratory specialized in vitamin and mineral supplements to complement animal productivity.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

To supply the local and Latin American markets with high quality products in accordance with international standards in order to achieve progress in welfare and animal production.

Our Vision:

To be a model laboratory for the development of innovative products in the national and Latin American markets.

Our Plant

Based in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, our plant is a model of a Veterinary Medicinal Specialties Laboratory, with world-class equipment to elaborate, pack, condition and verify the products destined to improve field performance.

Our plant is conceived, designed and built to guarantee compliance with the strictest international standards in drug manufacturing.

The quality assurance of our products starts with our suppliers, which are all major producers of the national industry, who guarantee that the product preparation quality begins long before the manufacturing process.

Production begins by obtaining the manufacturing water, which is processed by state-of-the-art technology equipment, and after undergoing exhaustive controls, feeds the production circuit.

Our products are manufactured in controlled areas, under particle-free positive pressure air by means of absolute filtration, using equipment of completely inert materials, and complying satisfactorily with the standards of good manufacturing practices.

Our products are packaged in modern machinery, specifically designed for the high productivity pharmaceutical industry. They are handled by qualified personnel, specifically trained to perform these tasks.

We assume the commitment and the absolute responsibility to provide high quality products, manufactured under the strictest standards, and production and control processes, so that you can obtain the best results and your expectations can be satisfied. Ale-Bet Laboratories is consolidated as a company with a true commitment to ensure an unparalleled quality in its products, in favor of animal welfare.